Artistic Director

Much in demand as a concert artist and piano teacher, Renata is also active on other fronts: she works as Music Promoter and Artistic Director for the Associazione Orchestra Giovanile della Saccisica a non-profit social development association of Piove di Sacco (Padua – Italy) and the Concorso Nazionale di Esecuzione Musicale “Città di Piove di Sacco”.

Music Competition

Music, culture and youth development are the elements that have characterized the Piove di Sacco National Music Competition, which has become one of the most reputable and frequented in Italy, thanks to many special ingredients – from the high standard of the jury panel to the prestigious concert opportunities offered to the winners.


“Over ten years ago, at the age of 20, I initiated this competition. I had already attended many competitions, but apart from an artistic view and a musical passion, I didn’t have the necessary know-how to organize this sort of event. Even though it was hard at the beginning, I never gave up, and I pursued my goal: to create a new kind of competition which gives value to young talents while at the same time helping them in their music career and offering them the possibility to perform in very important venues.
In this way the competition has grown, thanks to the collaboration of many Institutions which believed in it, to young musicians, their families and their professors, but above all to the power of music which keeps, my collaborators, family and myself believing in this wonderful event.”

Renata Benvegnù, artistic director


The “Saccisica Youth Orchestra” is a music association whose aim is to develop the culture in this part of Italy (Piove di Sacco and its close areas), promoting music under all levels, giving opportunities to young students and to talents, organizing many activities involving thousands of people every year. All this since more then 10 years so far, raising: a prestigious concert season, a draw and poetry competition, a music competition, and the music laboratory at the Piove di Sacco high school with its great musical ensemble.


“We started this journey when we were at the high school, we were a group of students with the same enthusiasm for the music, then we built the Association, to keep promoting the music even if we went out from the school. This association leaded us to grow and to create many activities. This project contains enthusiasm, passion, discipline, many elements which give the power to develop our projects in the territory”.

Renata Benvegnù, artistic director